Claiming an advert is free and gives you full control of your sales advert and seller profile.

Build a portfolio of listings

All of your adverts displayed together on your own profile page for buyers to view.

Become a verified seller

Regularly listing new adverts? We’ll reward you by featuring you as a verified seller.

Receive reviews on your adverts & profile

Gain buyer confidence by displaying reviews on your adverts and seller/business profile.

Create your own seller profile

Tell us more about yourself or business by creating a detailed description to display on your seller profile.

An example of a claimed business advert*

    The benefits of claiming your advert

    Complete business or seller profile

    Complete your profile with details about yourself or your business. These details will be seen by potential buyers when viewing your sellers profile. You can include a profile image to compliment your profile or show off your brand.

    Become a Verified seller

    We value anyone who puts their trust in us and regularly uses our website to list their adverts. In return, we’ll feature you as a ‘verified seller’. We don’t have a minimum requirement. We’re more interested in building relationships with our loyal advertisers so if we can see you’re regularly placing adverts, we’ll automatically verify you. Once verified, your adverts & profile will be displayed with an eye catching verified badge. In turn, giving an extra level of confidence for potential buyers to see.

    Become a ⭐Featured Seller

    As a reward for any person or business that lists 2 or more adverts each month, we’ll advertise you as a featured seller. The featured seller badge will then be displayed on both your adverts page and profile page. Buyers will also be able to discover your featured profile when searching for sellers.

    Activate Reviews

    Claimed adverts automatically become eligible for reviews. Customers will review your adverts and these will become active upon review. Once a customer leaves a review on your advert(s), this will go towards the overall review score on your seller profile.

    We monitor and approve all reviews to ensure only valid reviews become active.

    Include Your Links

    Include a direct contact to a specified email address.

    Choose from our huge list of Social Media Icons to connect directly to your own Social Media pages:

    Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Linkedin, Yelp…

    Include a website link to connect directly with your own website.

    Include a Whatsapp button so potential buyers can contact you with ease.

    Include a link to your app download on Googleplay or Apple App Store.

    How to claim an advert

    Claiming an advert is straightforward. Simply fill in the details below and we’ll send instructions on how to log in to your profile & advert page:


    *An example of a claimed listing shown with all available social media icons available. Social media icons can be chosen by you to be specific to your own requirements. Map location and Campsite location buttons are optional for your listing. Reviews of your listings and profile can be hidden by request. The example of a claimed listing shown is a featured listing which includes a Youtube video link. The Youtube video link is not available on free or basic listings.

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