Residential Mobile Home Parks in Spain are becoming an increasingly popular option. For those who were previously considering buying an apartment or property in Spain, the option of a Residential Mobile Home is now a front-runner.

You’ll find a good choice of residential parks available throughout the Costa Almeria, Costa Blanca, Costa Brava, Costa Calida, Costa del Sol, Costa de la Luz, Costa del Azahar & Costa Tropical.

Why are people choosing a Residential Mobile Home Park in Spain?

The beauty of any residential mobile home park (whether it’s in the UK or Spain) is that you’re living in a community of people who generally have the same common interests in mind. Similarly, most residents will be of a similar age so striking up friendships with like-minded people is less complicated. Residents tend to look out for each other. So, you’re never too far away from someone will to lend a hand or join you on a trip out.

An image of a mobile home for sale on a residential mobile home park in Spain

What makes a residential Mobile Home Park different to a Campsite?

It can be confusing when searching for a Residential Park in Spain as some of the campsites also have privately owned mobile homes for sale. There’s a difference between the 2 and we’ll tell you why:

  • Community: A Campsite’s main purpose is for camping and touring. This results in a changeover of clients on a regular basis. You will know some of the other mobile home owners on the campsite but you won’t know them all. On the other hand, a residential site will have the same residents living there for many years.
  • Location: Most of the Residential Mobile Home Parks are located slightly further in-land than some of the campsites. Therefore, you’ll have the opportunity to integrate with the local town, the local residents and become part of the community.
  • Costs: Being further in-land, the costs of buying and owning a Residential Mobile Home are less than buying in a major tourist resort. Without pointing out the obvious, this due to having less facilities on a mobile home park. As a result, there’s also less buying competition from holiday home buyers.

The cost of living on a Residential Mobile Home Park in Spain

The cost of living on a residential Park in Spain can be significantly less than on a park in the UK. Obviously, this all depends on which location you choose, but site fees on the in-land parks can be as low as 300€ per month. Add to this, that there isn’t a TV licence needed or council tax and it becomes an even more attractive proposition.

What are the average costs?

Monthly or annual cost’s are dependent on a number of factors but the following can be used as a guide:

  • Annual site fees: Expect to pay an average of 4,500€ per year for a regular sized plot.
  • Electricity: The average cost per KW is 0’44€. As a guide, expect this to cost around 15€ per week.
  • Water: Is charged on a metered basis and dependent on use.
  • Gas: Gas is supplied by the bottle. Gas bottle prices are changing constantly but average at 20€ per bottle. Expect a bottle of gas to last around 20 days for hot water and cooking use.

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How to choose from the best Residential Mobile Homes Parks in Spain

There’s lot’s of choice so finding the perfect residential mobile home park is down to what meets all of your criteria. It is out there, you just have to search and visit as many of them as you can before making the big decision. Therefore, the things you should consider when searching:

  • Viewing trips: Viewing trips are a great way to visit the various mobile home parks and these are guided by an on site representative. You’ll find many caravan sales companies offering this no-pressure option. And, they’ll even refund the cost of travel if you decide to buy.
  • Chat with others: You’re not alone when it comes to buying a caravan or mobile home in Spain. Many others have made the move so chat with them about their experience. Social media is a great way to chat, with many Facebook campsite communities and forums.
  • Visit the area: We have some wonderful resorts in Spain but we also have some undiscovered towns and villages you never knew you’d prefer. Therefore, see as many of them as you can and see which areas give you the feel you’re looking for.

Choice is not an issue when it comes to finding a mobile home park specifically for residents in Spain and you’ll find that these parks are primarily located along the coast – in or near one of the main Costa resorts. We’ve highlighted the most popular areas:

Costa Almeria

You’ll find the best mobile residential mobile home parks in the areas of:

Costa Blanca

One of the most popular regions for both holiday parks and mobile home parks (residential) in Spain in the areas of:

  • Benidorm
  • Albir
  • El Campello
  • Guardamar del Segura
  • Marjal
  • Orihuela
  • Torrevieja

Costa Brava

Primarily a holiday resort and with some quaint residential mobile home parks hidden away in:

  • Roses
  • Figuera
  • Tossa de Mar

Costa Calida

Situated next to the Costa Blanca, this region sometimes gets overlooked. But, many ex-pats choose this region due to the good selection of residential mobile home parks on offer in:

Costa del Sol

The Costa del Sol needs no introduction. Since most of the ex-pats choose this region you’ll subsequently find a wealth of residential mobile home parks in the areas of:

  • Málaga
  • Marbella
  • Antequera
  • Mollina
  • Cabopino
  • Fuengirola

Costa del Azahar

Much like the Costa Calida, this region is often overlooked. Nevertheless, you’ll find some popular residential mobile home parks in the areas of:

  • Peniscola
  • Sant Jordi
  • Moncofar
  • Castellón de la Plana

Costa de la Luz

A favourite destination for those that like to explore but one that won’t immediately spring to mind. Despite this, expect find some residential mobile home parks in the areas of:

Costa Tropical

Stunningly beautiful region with a climate unlike any other. Moreover, this area is surrounded by natural beauty and has its own protected coastal park. While residential mobile home parks are not vastly available in this region, expect to find them in the areas of:

UK Residential Mobile Homes for sale on many Residential Mobile Home Parks in Spain

Such is the popularity of the UK Mobile Homes, you’ll find many of them already sited on the parks in Spain. These are units which have been transported from the UK and they give that real ‘home from home’ feeling. European (Spanish built) mobile homes are available from manufacturers such as Aitana, Eurocasa, Alucasa & Trigano. But, they don’t give the comfort levels we know and love by the UK manufacturers. Again, our suggestion is to view as many models available as possible and make a decision from there.

An image of an Omar Residential Mobile Home for sale in Spain
An Omar Residential Mobile Home / Park Home

What types of Mobile Homes are available in Spain?

New Residential Mobile Homes (inc. Park Homes & Lodges):

You’ll find a large selection of new residential spec mobile homes, Park Homes & Lodges available in Spain from various suppliers. Most of the mobile homes can be viewed in the UK prior to transport. Some of the campsites in Spain also sell their own mobile homes. But, these are generally already sited and ready to use. The mobile homes available for sale will be from all of the major UK manufacturers such as: Willerby, Pemberton, Swift, Atlas, Delta, Tingdene, Omar and many more.

Resale Residential Mobile Homes (Used & Pre-owned):

The resale Mobile Home market in Spain has always been strong. This is due to demand outweighing supply as many residential mobile home owners live in their units for many years. By comparison, the caravan sales market in Spain fluctuates as holiday home owners tend to change units regularly. This is favorable for a mobile home owner as prices remain steady and homes hold (or even increase) in value.

That said, there’s still plenty of choice and bargains to be had if you search in the right places. As most of the residential homes originally came from the UK, expect to find mostly UK manufacturers.

New Spanish Mobile Homes

New Spanish mobile homes are less available as manufacturing isn’t on the same level as the UK. The 4 main manufacturers of mobile home in Spain are Alucasa, Aitana, Eurocasa & Trigano. By comparison, the UK has over 20 reputable manufacturers. Being able to buy direct from a Spanish manufacturer to site on Spanish Campsite is unlikely. This is due to most of the campsites dealing directly with their own manufacturer or using a multilingual agent as intermediary. If you’re interested in purchasing a new Spanish mobile home we’d suggest contact the mobile home park directly.

Resale Spanish Mobile Homes

There’s a good choice of resale Spanish mobile homes on lot’s of the residential mobile home parks throughout Spain. As you’ll see from comparing the UK mobile homes against the Spanish mobile homes, the builds are quite different. Most of the exteriors are finished in Stucco – similar to what’s seen on Park Homes in the UK. The sizes can be uncommon but expect them to be similar to a 35ft x 14ft. The interior layouts are generally center lounge with bedrooms at either side. But, it’s unusual to find central heating in a Spanish Mobile Home. The homes are built to a good quality and made for the climate. If we were to make a comparison, we’d say that they’re a cross between a UK Park Home and Mobile Home but without the interior comforts of either.

Finding Mobile Homes For Sale on Residential Mobile Home Parks in Spain

Finding your ideal mobile home for sale in Spain is simple if you look in the right places. Here is what we recommend:

  • Search through our huge database of new and resale Residential Mobile Homes for sale.
  • Make contact with one of the reputable caravan suppliers and importers to Spain.
  • Speak with the campsites and see if they have any unit’s they’re selling.
  • Sign up to our notification service so we can inform you of any new listings.
  • Save your search in the filter. You’ll be notified when any listing is added that meets your search criteria.
  • Join our Social media platforms and speak with like-minded buyers.

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