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Advert Submission

When you place an advert on Spain Caravan Sales we accept your advert in good faith and assume the details you provide are accurate and legitimate. If we feel that this isn’t the case, we reserve the right to remove the advert at any time. If we need to remove an advert for any reason any paid monies are non-refundable. If we receive more than 2 reports of your advert by users of our website we’ll contact you to discuss the issue in the first instance.

We’re here to help you achieve a sale in the quickest time possible so to ensure we can do this we ask the following to be used as a guideline:

  • We will aim to authorise your advert within 24 hrs (working days). If your listing is placed at the weekend, please allow up-to 48 hrs
  • Free adverts will be active for 30 days from the date and time that your advert is published and live on the website.
  • The same listing cannot be re-submit after the 30 days without upgrading to a featured listing.
  • Featured listings will remain active until you tell us it’s sold.
  • Trade listings are welcome. Please indicate that you are a trade seller when submitting your listing.
  • Keep the description brief & concise. Focus on the key selling points, such as the model, age & location. (Max 220 letters for Free listings). Where the description exceeds the maximum allowance of letters, we’ll edit the listing to highlight the key selling points.
  • For best results, include images in landscape layout..
  • Only include accurate Campsite information.
  • Referrals or links to other adverts, websites & social media pages on your advert is not permitted without prior consent.
  • Please notify us once you’ve sold your caravan. Please allow up to 28 days for website updates to show or for your listing to be removed.
  • If an advert has been reported for non-communication on more than 5 occasions, we will deem that your caravan has now been sold. We will remove the advert from sale until otherwise notified by yourself.
  • Individual adverts cannot be used to generate leads to multiple adverts. Each listing is unique and specific.
  • Only one advert per sale. Duplicate adverts will not be accepted.
  • Once a free advert is live, no changes can be made. Please ensure all details are correct when placing the advert.
  • Submitting a new advert will not ‘bump’ your sale or generate a new email notification for subscribers. If you’d like to promote your listing further then you should consider upgrading to a Featured advert.
  • Description changes and image changes can be made to featured adverts but not free adverts. Any changes can be made on your advert dashboard when you sign. Authorisation of these changes is at the discretion of Spain Caravan Sales. Changes can only be made to the original advert. Featured adverts are non-refundable when the advert is ‘live’ on the website.
  • We will endeavor to keep your featured listing on the homepage of the website for as long as possible but where this is not possible, we will guarantee a minimum of 14 consecutive days from when the featured advert first becomes active.
  • All video links for featured listings must come from reliable sources and free from computer viruses. For this reason we are unable to upload a video file directly to your listing. Your video should be hosted on a reputable video streaming platform such as Youtube or Vimeo and you should provide us with a link to embed the video on your listing. If you need guidance with this, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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