5 of the best Campsites on the Costa Almeria in Spain. Find your perfect Campsite in the province of Almeria in the Andalusia region…

Campsites on the Costa Almeria

Find (5) Campsites on the Costa Almeria in Spain In the areas of Almeria, Balerma, Cabo de Gata, Mojacar, Nijar, Sorbas & Roquetas de Mar

An image of the pool area laid out with sunbeds at Camping Los Escullos Campsite and residential mobile home park in Almeria, Costa Almeria, Spain

Camping Los Escullos

Costa Almeria – Almeria, Andalusia

Camping Los Escullos In Almeria is a first class camping resort located in the Cabo de Gata Natural Park…

Campsite | Open all year

An image of the swimming pool in summer time at Camping Mar Azul in Balerma, Almeria, Costa Almeria, Spain

Camping Mar Azul

Costa Almeria – Balerma, Almeria, Andalusia

Camping Mar Azul Balerma is a located close to the Playa de Balerma beach and a short walk to the…

Campsite | Open all year

An image of the covered pool area at Camping Cueva Negra Campsite & Mobile Home Park in Mojacar, Costa Almeria, Spain

Camping Cueva Negra 💛

Costa Almeria – Mojacar, Almeria, Andalusia

Camping Cueva Negra is located in Mojacar Pueblo, close to the beach. On this Campsite you’ll find…

Campsite | Open all year

An image of the childrens play area with mobile homes in the background on Camping Cabo de Gata Campsite in Nijar, Costa Almeria, Spain

Camping Cabo de Gata

Costa Almeria – Nijar, Almeria, Andalusia

Camping Cabo de Gata In Nijar is located in the southeast of the Andalusian coast in the Gulf…

Campsite | Open all year

An image of children playing in the pool at Camping Roquetas Campsite in Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, Costa Almeria, Spain

Camping Roquetas

Costa Almeria – Roquetas de Mar, Almeria, Andalusia

Camping Roquetas in Almeria is a friendly family campsite and only 350m to the nearest beach…

Campsite | Open all year

Helping you find your perfect Campsite on the Costa Almeria in Spain

Finding the perfect Campsite on the Costa Almeria, Spain has never been easier! We’ve hand picked the most popular Campsites on the Costa Almeria in the areas of Almeria, Balerma, Mojacar, Nijar and Roquetas de Mar to help you with your search. Still not sure? Let us help your narrow down your search to help you find what you’re looking for…

Costa Almeria Campsite locations

So you’ve decided that the Costa Almeria is the place where you want to start looking for a Campsite but you’re not sure which area. The Costa Almeria is one of the most diverse Costa resorts in Spain so you’ll have your pick when it comes to looking for a holiday campsite by the beach or residential style caravan park in the rugged desert like countryside.


Almeria city is just begging to be explored so you’ll find yourself sightseeing, shopping traditional and modern outlets, taking in the monuments, museums and art galleries, sampling the many bars and restaurants or just enjoying a simple stroll along the seafront promenade. Furthermore, this is an historical city but with a modern feel. As a result, Almeria City has something for everyone and makes an ideal destination.

Campsites in (Costa Almeria) Almeria: Camping Los Escullos


Balerma is an historic town that still thrives as a working fishing village and you’ll find that this area has maintained its traditional Spanish charm. The 3km blue flag beach is backed by the Paseo Maritimo Balerma (great for long evening walks!) overlooked by the historic 18th century watchtower. At the same time, walk of the beaten track and find bars, restaurants and tabernas down the quaint back streets.

Balerma Campsites: Camping Mar Azul


Mojacar is a contrast of 2 timelines, where the old Moorish settlement (Mojacar Pueblo) with picturesque whitewashed houses overlook the modern seaside resort (Mojacar Playa). Therefore you’ll find yourself so’ll find soaking up the traditional culture in the Pueblo in the morning followed by a stroll along the promenade in the evening. Moreover, Mojacar is situated in the southeast of the Province of Almería (Andalucia) in southern Spain – 90km from the capital of the province (Almeria).

Mojacar Campsites: Camping Cueva Negra


A great place to explore the countryside, Nijar is a Spanish municipality in the province of Almería, Andalusia. It lies in the eastern part of Almería, in the Sierra de Alhamilla and near the Cabo de Gata-Níjar Natural Park. Consequently, it is regularly described as one of the most picturesque towns in the whole of Spain and Nijar has become the place to experience real Andalusia.

Nijar (Costa Almeria) Campsites: Camping Cabo de Gata

Roquetas de Mar

Roquetas de Mar is a traditional fishing town celebrated by its annual festivals and Gastronomy and at Just 15 minutes by car from the provincial capital, Almería, Roquetas de Mar could be the perfect option for those that want to live in a coastal town but with the bonus of a city close by.

A town full of history, the old coastal town dates back to Roman times. Although now offering many modern facilities, it still retains much of its old charm with its labyrinth of narrow cobbled Moorish streets.

Roquetas de Mar Campsites: Camping Roquetas

Which area of the Costa Almeria has the best Campsites?

Our favourite areas for the best Campsites and Caravan Parks is Mojacar & Almeria city. Why, we hear you ask? Because both of these areas have something to offer everyone. Firstly, you’ve got the historic beauty of a village or city. Secondly, you’ll find a modern beach area with long promenade. Therefore, in our opinion both these options offer the best of both worlds.

What to look for when searching for a Costa Almeria Campsite :

Annual site fee costs

Site fees on the Costa Almeria range from 3,000€ to 5,000€ annually and expect to pay in monthly installments with a discount given for longer periods of stay.

Annual running costs

Consider the following as annual running costs on a campsite on the Costa Almeria: Site fees, gas (bottle), electricity (metered) & Caravan insurance. Water is generally included with the site fees on a campsite in Spain.


Facilities differ by campsite on the Costa Almeria so decide what facilities are most important to you. Most campsites will have at least 1 swimming pool and a restaurant / bar area. But, bare in mind that having more facilities generally increases the annual site fee costs. That said, If you’re willing to increase the annual site fee costs then expect to gain additional outdoor pools, indoor swimming pool, gym, children’s play area and even a dog walking or exercise area.

Proximity to the nearest town or resort

This should be the most important factor when searching for your a Campsite on the Costa Almeria. You’ll have an area in mind where you want to be so focus your search primarily in that location. Once you’ve found a campsite that has all the features you require calculate the distance to your favourite resort or town using Googlemaps or similar map tool. You may be surprised to see that the campsite you had in mind is further away from the area you’d like to be in.

Dog friendly campsites and residential mobile home parks

Most of the Costa Almeria Campsites are dog and pet friendly but please confirm this directly.

Reviews of the Campsites on the Costa Almeria

There’s no better way to form an opinion of a campsite on the Costa Almeria than to listen to others who have been there or live on site full time. With this in mind we’ve included a review section on all of the campsites on the Costa Almeria and you can check them out here.

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