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Camping Sandaya Cypsela is a 4 star resort in Pals, a charming medieval village on the Costa Brava. The beach (Platja de Pals) is less than a 5 minute drive away with crystal clear water and fine golden sands…Read more

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Good family friendly campsite in a beautiful part of the world

Name: CharlieSeagull | Location: Bath, UK | Reviewed Sept 2022



Holiday booked pre-pandemic finally achieved. On an admin point, Sandaya were very helpful and flexible about rolling over our booking and deposit for 2 years in a row. Onto the site itself, we were in one of the premium cabins which was in line with previous experiences at other campsites, compact but clean and enough room for 2 parents, an 8 year old and a 79 year old! They were near the pool, dining area and entertainment area which is a plus – not far to go – and a potential drawback in terms of noise but it wasn’t noisy at all. One morning the electricity in our cabin wasn’t working but the site staff responded very quickly and resolved it.

Pool area was very large and catered to all needs (slides, diving boards, kids pool with the obligatory pirate ship, spa etc) unless you are looking for boutique style peaceful pools (which we weren’t). We liked the fact that in this campsite, all the pools were in one area rather than disbursed around the campsite – makes it easier to meet people (very important to a single child!). It also felt very safe with lots of lifeguards.

Other site facilities delivered: well stocked supermercado and bakery (much bigger one also 60 seconds drive away), playgrounds, sports area, games room, gym, bowling alley and crazy golf.

All staff were friendly and helpful. Raised hands to the children’s entertainers – I know it is a basic element of the role but they bought energy and fun to everything they did and you could see the kids loved them. By kids, I would say it caters well from about 4/5 up to 9/10 years old

As mentioned by other reviewers – food is patchy. Staff again, very friendly but some dishes were fine others were average. There is sufficient variety on the menu to find nice dishes and if your kids are only interested in pasta, they will be fine! Recognising that you are on a campsite where many people do a lot of self catering, the well stocked supermarket and decent onsite take away should cover a lot of needs and if you wanted a nice slap up meal there are loads of lovely restaurants in the surrounding towns (see my separate review of Sivana Bosc!).

Which leads to location – actual campsite is ok but the surrounding area is so beautiful, there are so many things to visit and see (for all ages) and so many gorgeous beaches, it is sensible to have transport. However, if you envisage staying on the campsite with the occasional visit to the beach on the free and reliable shuttle bus, then you will be fine (bus services to Pals seem to be pretty regular as well).

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