10 of the best Campsites & Residential style Campsites on the Costa Calida in Spain. Find your perfect Campsite in the region of Murcia

Campsites on the Costa Calida

Find (10) Campsites on the Costa Calida in Spain In the areas of Águilas, Mazzarón, San Javier, Los Alcázares

An image of an outdoor swimming pool and bar with sea views at Campsite & residential mobile home park Bellavista in Águilas, Costa Calida, Spain

Camping & Bungalows Bellavista

Costa Calida – Águilas, Murcia

Camping & Bungalows Bellavista is located in Águilas on the Costa Calida. The campsite is a short stroll to the…

Campsite | Open all year

An image of people in the swimming pool at Camping Playa de Mazzarón residential style campsite and holiday park with mobile homes in Bolnuevo, Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain

Camping Playa de Mazzarón

Costa Calida – Bolnuevo, Murcia

Camping Playa de Mazarrón In Bolnuevo is located on the beautiful sandy beach of playa de Bolnuevo…

Campsite | Open all year

An image of the outdoor pool with covered indoor pool area at Camping la Fuente residential style campsite and holiday park with mobile homes in Foruna, Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain

Camping La Fuente

Costa Calida – Fortuna, Murcia

Camping La Fuente is located 3km away from the small historic town of Fortuna, famous for it’s thermal waters…

Campsite | Open all year

An image of the mobile homes and static caravans on park at Camping Los Delfines residential style campsite and holiday park with mobile homes in Isla Plana, Murcia, Costa Calida

Camping Los Delfines

Costa Calida – Isla Plana, Murcia

Camping Los Delfines In Isla Plana is located in front of the blue flag beach of Playa de el Mojon. This is the…

Campsite | Open all year

An image of a woman in a swimming pool on Camping Los Madriles campsite and residential mobile home park in Isla Plana, Costa Calida, Spain

Camping Los Madriles

Costa Calida – Isla Plana, Murcia

Camping Los Madriles is located close to the beach and boasts impressive panoramic views of the entire bay…

Campsite | Open all year

An aerial image showing the campsite and residential mobile home park overlooking the Mar Menor lagoon at Camping and caravanning Capfun La Manga in La Manga, Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain

Camping Capfun La Manga

Costa Calida – La Manga, Murcia

Camping & Caravaning Capfun La Manga is a campsite water park located on the edge of the Mar Menor…

Campsite | Open all year

An image of the restaurant overlooking the pool at Camping La Quinta Bella Campsites & Residential Mobile Home Parks in Los Arejos, Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain

Camping La Quinta Bella 💛

Costa Calida – Los Arejos, Murcia

Camping La Quinta Bella In Los Arejos is a rural campsite located close beautiful family friendly beaches…

Campsite | Open all year

An image of the swimming pool at camping Mar Menor Campsite and Residential Mobile Home Park in Los Alcazares, Spain - Costa Calida, Murcia

Camping Mar Menor

Costa Calida – Los Alcázares, Murcia

Camping Mar Menor In Los Alcázares is located on the beautiful beach of the Mar Menor, between Los Alcá…

Campsite | Open all year

An image of an outdoor swimming pool surrounded by sun loungers on Camping Las Torres Mazarrón campsite and residential mobile home park in Mazarrón, Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain

Camping Las Torres Mazzarón

Costa Calida – Mazarrón, Murcia

Camping Las Torres Mazarrón is located 800 meters from some of the best beaches on the Costa Calida…

Campsite | Open all year

An image of people swimming in a large pool on Camping San Javier campsite and residential mobile home park in Murcia, Costa Calida, Spain

Camping San Javier

Costa Calida – San Javier, Murcia

Camping San Javier In Murcia is located in the heart of San Javier and only 3 km from the beach. This…

Campsite | Open all year

Helping you find your perfect Campsite or Residential style Campsite on the Costa Calida in Spain

Finding the perfect Campsite or Residential style Mobile Home Park on the Costa Calida, Spain has never been easier! We’ve hand picked the most popular Campsites & Residential style Campsites (Caravan Parks) on the Costa Calida in the areas of San Javier, Mazzarón, Los Alcázares, La Manga, Águilas…. to help you with your search. Still not sure? Let us help your narrow down your search to help you find what you’re looking for…

Costa Calida Campsite locations

So you’ve decided that the Costa Calida is the place where you want to start looking for a Campsite or Residential style Mobile Home Park (Caravan Park or Campsite) but you’re not sure which area. The Costa Calida in the province of Murcia has long been regarded as popular destination for British ex-pats to find a caravan to live in all year round. As a result, this area has some of the best residential and retirement parks situated in popular resorts that cater heavily towards us Brits.


A port town situated on the Costa Calida, Águilas has made the transition from a typical fishing village to a thriving tourist resort. With an expansive 28km coastline and 35 unspoiled beaches it’s no surprise this area is so popular. That said, it isn’t as overly commercialised as it’s Costa Blanca neighbours and you’ll see a good mix of holiday makers from all nationalities.

Águilas has lots of history to marvel at, with the castle-fortress of San Juan de Águilas being its most prominent. Or, if you prefer to sit and watch the world go by, spend a day relaxing at the Plaza de España’s luscious (rubber plant) gardens.

Campsites in Águilas (Costa Calida): Camping & Bungalows Bella Vista


The ‘enchanted city of Bolnuevo‘ is a small fishing village next to Mazzarón on the Costa Calida – well known for it’s spectacular sandstone formations (Las Gredas de Bolnuevo, also known as Ciudad Encantada). Being situated just outside of the main area of Mazzarón and Puerto de Mazzarón means that the village maintains it’s traditional Spanish charm (even with the large amount of ex-pats) and you’ll find all the necessary facilities as well as long stretches of sandy beach. Comparatively, If you want to experience the hustle and bustle with shops, bars, and restaurants, Mazzarón is right next door.

Bolnuevo (Costa Calida) Campsites: Camping Playa de Mazzarón


The municipality of Fortuna is an area known for it’s Roman thermal spas of la Higuera, la Cueva Negra & los Baños. As a result the town sees swathes of tourists flock to this area each year to marvel in their formation. Regardless of it’s tourist numbers, Fortuna is still a relatively small area and during the winter season it’s a more calm and relaxed place to be. Because of this you’ll find local bars and restaurants – filled with the residents from the tight knit communities of the area.

Fortuna (Costa Calida) Campsites: Camping La Fuente

Isla Plana

Situated in the eastern part of the Gulf of Mazzarón at the tip of the municipality of Cartagena, Isla Plana is a pleasant family orientated resort. Because of this, it’s popular with both Spanish holiday makers and foreign tourists during the summer. Comparatively, the small village is quiet during the winter months and provides a relaxing base for exploring Mazzarón and Murcia. Furthermore, you’ll find a long stretch of beach leading to the centre of the quaint village with shops, bars and restaurants.

Isla Plana has become a popular area for many ex-pats looking for a residential style mobile home park (campsite) to live on full time. Our pick is Camping Los Delfines which is situated more or less on the beach at Playa el Mojón.

Isla Plana (Costa Calida) Campsites: Camping Los Delfines

La Manga

Often known as the ‘strip of land’ or ‘island of the Costa Calida’, La Manga (La Manga del Mar Menor) has become an ever popular tourist resort for both British ex-pats and Spaniards alike. Imagine an island on the Mediterranean with the ocean on one side and a salt lake lagoon on the other and you’ve got La Manga! Because of this, the area is popular with water sports enthusiasts and families. But, if you’re also looking for nightlife, shopping and restaurants, this little island in Murcia has it all.

La Manga Campsites: Camping Capfun La Manga

Los Alcázares

Los Alcázares has been a long standing favourite with the many Brits who choose the Murcia region of Spain to retire to or move to on a long term basis. This is due to its prime location on the shore of the Mar Menor lagoon and the evolution of some of the campsites into residential style campsites (mobile home parks) with mobile homes and long term sited caravans.

Furthermore, both Alicante and Murcia airport are a mere 30 minute drive away. So travelling between the UK and Spain is straightforward. As you’d expect from such a popular area, Los Alcázares is filled with shops, commercial centres, bars, restaurants and beaches.

Los Alcázares Campsites: Camping Mar Menor

Los Arejos

A small village situated inland from the beaches of Águilas in a tranquil area, Los Arejos is popular with those who want to experience traditional Spain. Furthermore, this area suits those who like to get out and explore. With many walking trails and hikes leading from the centre of the village. Expect to find a small selection of locals tapas bars and restaurants. Similarly, Águilas is not too far away if you’re looking for more options.

Finally, Los Arejos is also home to a popular British residential style campsite called Camping La Quinta Bella. Many retired ex-pats have chosen this place of Spain to live in a mobile home / static caravan.

Los Arejos Campsites: Camping La Quinta Bella


Regarded as one of the best diving areas in Spain, the Gulf of Mazzarón is blessed with 22 miles of unspoiled coastline, stunning sand beaches, sheltered coves and rocky seabeds. Furthermore, Puerto de Mazzarón is a bustling harbor area with a boardwalk and plenty of bars and restaurants to keep you busy on those balmy summer evenings. If that’s not enough, this is an area of Murcia that achieves an enviable 315 days of sunshine per year and mild winters due to it being sheltered by the Sierra de la Almenara mountain range.

As a result of the fantastic weather, stunning coastline and close proximity to both Murcia and Alicante airport, Mazzarón has become an extremely popular location for ex-pats looking to retire in Spain. Because of this you’ll see a good selection of residential style campsites and mobile home parks in this area.

Mazzarón (Costa Calida) Campsites: Camping Las Torres

San Javier

located in the south east of Spain on the Costa Calida, San Javier is one of 4 areas associated with the Mar Menor lake and all it has to offer. The area has 2 area has 2 distinct sections of beach. Firstly, you’ve got the Santiago de la Ribera which is close to the centre of San Javier. Secondly, you’ve got the La Manga del Mar Menor which is often referred to as the ‘strip’.

Furthermore, San Javier is a popular resort for both tourists and residents with bars, restaurants, a nature reserve and great walking routes.

San Javier Campsites: Camping San Javier

Which area of the Costa Calida has the best Campsites?

Our favourite areas for the best Campsites and Residential style Parks (or caravan parks) is San Javier and Mazzarón. Why, we hear you ask? Because you’ve got 2 areas of Spain in San Javier and Mazzarón filled with tourist facilities, outdoor activities and some of the best beaches in the Murcia (Costa Calida) region.

What to look for when searching Costa Calida Campsites and Residential style Caravan Parks:

Annual Campsite site fee costs on the Costa Calida

Site fees on the Costa Calida range from 3,000€ to 5,000€ annually. However as you’ll find only campsites or ‘residential style campsites’ (caravan parks) on the Costa Calida expect to pay in monthly installments (with a discount given for annual periods of stay).

Annual running costs

Consider the following as annual running costs on a campsite on the Costa Calida: Site fees, gas (bottle), electricity (metered) & Caravan insurance. Water is generally included with the site fees on most campsites in Spain.


Facilities differ by each campsite on the Costa Calida and as there’s a few residential style sites expect the facilities to differ. That being said, most campsites will have at least 1 swimming pool and a restaurant / bar area. But, bare in mind that having more facilities generally increases the annual site fee costs so if you want indoor pools and extra bars/restaurants expect to pay more.

Distance to the nearest Costa Calida town or resort

This should be the most important factor when searching for your a Campsite on the Costa Calida. You’ll have an area in mind where you want to be so focus your search primarily in that location. You won’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere so once you’ve found a campsite or residential style park, calculate the distance to your favourite Costa Calida resort or town using Googlemaps or similar map tool.

Dog friendly campsites and residential mobile home parks

Most of the Costa Calida Campsites are dog and pet friendly but please confirm this directly.

Reviews of the Costa Calida Campsites and Residential Mobile Home Parks

There’s no better way to form an opinion of a campsite or residential style mobile home park (caravan park) on the Costa Calida than to listen to others who have been there or live on site full time. With this in mind we’ve included a review section on all of the campsites on the Costa Calida and you can check them out here.

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