Residential Mobile Home Parks on the Costa Brava in Spain. Find your perfect Residential Retirement Park in the province of Girona & Barcelona in the Catalonia region…

Residential Mobile Home Parks on the Costa Brava

Find (0) Residential Mobile Home Parks on the Costa Brava in Spain In the areas of Blanes, Capmany, Tossa de Mar, Sante Pere Pescador…

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Sorry, there are no Residential Mobile Home Parks currently listed on the Costa Brava. Check out Residential style Campsites instead here.

Helping you find your perfect Residential Mobile Home Park on the Costa Brava in Spain

Find a fully Residential Mobile Home Park on the Costa Brava isn’t an easy task as options are so limited so instead focus your search on Residential Style Campsites (Caravan Parks) in the areas of Girona, Sant Pere Pescador, Capmany & Pals. Similarly, these will offer all of the facilities you’d associate with a residential park but with the addition of the facilities associated with a holiday campsite. Let us help your narrow down your search to help you find what you’re looking for…

Costa Brava Residential style Campsites (Mobile Home Park) locations

So you’ve decided that the Costa Brava is the place where you want to start looking for a Residential style campsite or Caravan Park but you’re not sure which area. The Costa Brava is one of the most holiday orientated resorts in Spain so you’ll have your pick when it comes to searching for a residential style campsite campsite near the beach or in countryside setting in the Girona province.


The seaside resort of Blanes is known as the Gateway to the Costa Brava and is also known for its mild, comfortable climate (which is why the Romans named it Blanda = mild). Blanes itself is blessed with 4 kilometers of wide, golden-sanded beaches and ‘blue flag’ quality seawater. Furthermore, you’ll find a wealth of bars and restaurants but it is far less touristy than its busy neighbors to the north, Lloret de Mar and Tossa de Mar. If you’re looking for somewhere ‘less touristy’ head to the old town where you’ll find local shops, restaurants and tapas bars.

Campsites in Blanes: Camping Blanes, Camping Bella Terra


The perfect place to find the blend of adventure and relaxation, Capmany is set in a small mountain range where outdoor leisure activities are taken advantage of. That said, this is also an area of peace and tranquility, where the pace of life is slow and relaxed. Very much a traditional village, Capmany has all the essentials such as small bars and restaurants, a chemist and supermarket.

Capmany (Costa Blanca) Campsites: Camping L’Albera


A Costa Brava village Brimming with history dated from the 9th century, Pals is as picturesque as it sounds. Commanding a stunning location perched on the hilltop, this once fortified Girona village is home to some of the most popular gastronomic festivals of Spain. Furthermore, this is not just a historic village, Pals also has the stunning beach of Platja de Pals and the nearby natural park of Montgrí.

Pals (Costa Brava) Campsites: Camping Mas Patoxas, Camping Playa Brava


A small neighbourhood situated half-way between the medieval village of Pals and the L’Estartit beaches in Catalonia, Rodors is a great location for exploring the countryside of the Costa Brava. As a result, this would be a perfect base for those who want to be surrounded by the tranquility of nature but close enough to venture to the larger resorts.

Rodors (Costa Brava) Campsites: Camping Sandaya Cypsela Resort

Sant Pere Pescador

Sant Pere Pescador is a municipality in the comarca of Alt Empordà, Girona in Catalonia, Spain. This Bay of Roses village is as stunning and as picturesque as you’ll find on the Costa Brava, further enhanced by the River Fluvià running through the village. Seen as many by the perfect balance between land and sea, this historic area shows evidence of a settlement here since 974. Furthermore, the main attractions of the 6km stretch of beach, hiking tracks, horse riding paths and bike paths make this area of popular choice year round with both local and foreign tourists.

Sant Pere Pescador Campsites: Camping Las Palmeras, El Delfin Verde Resort

Torroella de Montgri

Another village on the Costa Brava filled with as much history as anyone can absorb in a day, Torroella de Montgri is situated on the banks of the river Ter and is home to the Castell de Montgri. As you’d expect from such an historical village, you’ve got lot’s to marvel at but the standout features are the city walls and winding medieval back streets with bars, restaurants and cafes. If you want to venture to a Costa Brava holiday resort, L’Estartit is a mere 5km away with it’s fine beaches, shopping and tourist attractions.

Torroella de Montgri Campsites: Camping Castell Montgri

Tossa de Mar

The Costa Brava is filled with historic villages but the one that stands out with the perfect blend of both history and tourist attractions is Tossa de Mar on the north coast of Catalonia. A medieval city overlooking the turquoise Mediterranean seas, this area is home to the most stunning beach coves with endless snorkeling possibilities and hiking trails that wander through green pine forests. Furthermore, this is an area famed for it’s fresh fish and seafood restaurants and tapas bars nestled in among the winding backstreets of the ‘old town’.

Tossa de Mar (Costa Brava) Campsites: Camping Cala Llevado

Vall Llobrega

If you’re looking for a rural setting not too far from civilisation, Vall Llobrega is a traditional Spanish village set in the valley at the foot of the ‘Gavarres’ mountain range. A place known for it’s vineyards and olive trees, this area has remained pretty much as a working village untouched by mass tourism. Expect to find small selection of local bars and a shop in Vall Llobrega. Comparatively, Palamós town with it’s beaches, harbor, bars, restaurants and tourist attractions is nearby.

Vall Llobrega Campsites: Camping Tres Estrellas

Our pick of the Costa Brava Residential style Mobile Home Parks

There are no official Residential Mobile Home Parks currently listed on the Costa Brava but you’ll find campsites with a residential feel. As a result, these could be a great option for those looking for the facilities you’d associate with holiday campsite but with the community of a residential park. With that said, you should focus your search in the Girona province and our pick of the residential style campsites (mobile home parks) on the Costa Brava are Camping L’Albera in Capmany and Camping Bella Terra in Blanes.

Which area of the Costa Brava has the best Residential style Mobile Home Parks?

Our favourite areas for the best Residential style Mobile Home Parks (caravan parks) is Blanes & Sant Pere Pescador in Girona. Why, we hear you ask? Because you’ve got 2 areas of the Costa Brava filled with history, outdoor activities and some of the best beaches on offer. Furthermore, the bay of roses is a spectacular location largely undiscovered by mass tourism so you’ll still find a tranquil Spanish charm to the place. Comparatively, Blanes gains popularity year on year as a tourist resort so you’ve got all of the facilities, bars and restaurants that you’d come to expect.

What to look for when searching for a Costa Brava Residential style Mobile Home Park:

Annual site fee costs on the Costa Brava

Site fees on the Costa Brava range from 3,000€ to 5,000€ annually. However, as you’ll find only campsites or ‘residential style campsites’ (caravan parks) on the Costa Brava expect to pay in monthly installments with a discount given for longer periods of stay.

Annual running costs

Consider the following as annual running costs on a campsite on the Costa Brava: Site fees, gas (bottle), electricity (metered) & Caravan insurance. Water is generally included with the site fees on most campsites in Spain.


Facilities differ by each residential style campsite on the Costa Brava but as they’re geared towards holiday makers expect to find at least 1 swimming pool and a restaurant / bar area. But, bare in mind that having more facilities generally increases the annual site fee costs. That said, If you’re willing to increase the annual site fee costs then expect to gain additional outdoor pools, indoor swimming pool, gym, children’s play area and even a dog walking or exercise area.

Distance to the nearest Cost Brava town or resort

This should be the most important factor when searching for your a residential style campsite or caravan park on the Costa Brava. You’ll have an area in mind where you want to be so focus your search primarily in that location. You won’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere so once you’ve found a park, calculate the distance to your favourite Costa Brava resort or town using Googlemaps or similar map tool. That said, most of the major residential style campsites on the Costa Brava tend to be situated on or near a beach but just double check to make sure it’s where you want to be.

Dog friendly Residential style Mobile Home Parks (Campsites)

Most of the Costa Bravas Residential style Mobile Home Parks are dog and pet friendly but please confirm this directly.

Reviews of the Costa Brava Residential style Mobile Home Parks

There’s no better way to form an opinion of a residential style mobile home park (residential style campsite) on the Costa Brava than to listen to others who have been there or live on site full time. With this in mind we’ve included a review section on all of the residential style mobile home parks on the Costa Brava and you can check them out here.

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