Residential Mobile Home Parks on the Costa Tropical in Spain. Find your perfect Retirement Park in the province of Granada in the Andalusia region…

Residential Mobile Home Parks on the Costa Tropical

Find (0) Residential Mobile Home Parks on the Costa Tropical in Spain In the areas of Almuñecar, Motril, Carchuna, Polopos, Granada…

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Sorry, there are no Residential Mobile Home Parks currently listed on the Costa Tropical. Check out Residential style Campsites instead here.

Helping you find your perfect Residential Mobile Home Park on the Costa Tropical in Spain

Residential Mobile Home Parks on the Costa Tropical are difficult to find but there are a few ‘Residential style Campsites‘ available in Motril, Polopos and throughout the Granada & Andalusia region. Similarly, these provide all of the facilities you’d associate with a residential park but with the additional facilities you’d associate with a holiday campsite. Still not sure? Let us help your narrow down your search to help find what you’re looking for…

Costa Tropical Residential style Campsite (Mobile Home Park) locations

So you’ve decided that the Costa Tropical is the place where you want to start looking for a Residential Mobile Home Park but you’re not sure which area. There are no official Residential Mobile Home Parks currently listed on the Costa Tropical but you’ll find campsites with a residential feel. Focus your search in Almuñécar, Motril or the neighbouring Costa del Sol region of Malága.


A favourite place for those seeking a less commercialised resort, Almuñécar is ‘typically Spanish’ in nature and is a popular choice for those craving the authentic lifestyle that comes along with it. That said, this is a place where you’ll still find plenty of shops, bars and restaurants alongside the usual tourist facilities. Furthermore, this resort was founded by the Phoenicians in the 8th century B. C so there’s plenty of historical landmarks to visit such as the Castle of San Miguel and the city of Granada around 80km away.

Campsites in Almuñécar (Costa Tropical): Camping Tropical


An area well known for it’s stunning beaches, Carchuna much like the other resorts on the Costa Tropical is laid back and exemplifies the characteristics of a traditionally Spanish holiday destination. An area once dependent on neighbouring Motril, Carchuna now boasts it’s own tourist attractions and is a popular area for kite surfing and history buffs who visit the Castillo de Carchuna.

Carchuna Campsites: Camping Don Cactus


The second largest town in the province of Granada and the largest town on the Costa Tropical, Motril has all of the facilities you could need. Shop in one of the many out of town hypermarkets, marvel at the historic monument of the The Palma House, enjoy a day at the Rum Montero Bodega (Wine Cellar) or just sit back, relax and unwind on the Playa Granada beach (1 of 7 beaches in Motril). Furtermore, Motrils proximity to the Sierra Nevada mountain range and the other resorts of Almuñécar, la Herradura, Nerja & Salobreña makes it a popular base for exploring.

Motril (Costa Tropical) Campsites: Camping Playa de Poniente, Camping Playa Granada


Sitting just east of the resorts of Motril and Almuñécar, Polopos village sits high in the mountainside overlooking the Mediterranean sea. That said, Polopos is not just the name of a village but also the name of the municipality – encompassing several towns such as Castillo de Baños and La Mamola which are located right on the coast. With this in mind, this area (although quite spread out) offers the options of both mountain and sea and proves a popular option for sunbathers and explorers alike.

Polopos Campsites: Camping Castillo de Baños

Which area of the Costa Tropical has the best Residential style Mobile Home Parks?

Our favourite area for the best Campsites and Residential style Mobile Home Parks (caravan parks) is Almuñecar or nearby resorts of Torrox and Torre del Mar in the Malága region. Why, we hear you ask? Because Almuñécar has the perfect balance of a resort which isn’t overly commercialised and is still typically Andalusian.

The Malága resorts on the other hand are vibrant with more shops, bars and restaurants than you’ll ever hope for! Furthermore, the car journey from somewhere like Torrox on the Costa del Sol to Almuñécar on the Costa Tropical is only a 30 minute drive away. So, this option may get you the best of both worlds.

What to look for when searching Costa Tropical Residential Mobile Home Parks:

Annual site fee costs on the Costa Tropical

Site fees on the Costa Tropical range from 3,000€ to 5,000€ annually. However, as you’ll find only campsites or ‘residential style campsites’ (caravan parks), expect to pay in weekly or monthly installments and expect the daily rates to be higher during the summer season.

Annual running costs

Consider the following as annual running costs on a residential style campsite on the Costa Tropical: Site fees, gas (bottle), electricity (metered) & Caravan insurance. Water is generally included with the site fees on most campsites in Spain.


Much like the rest of Spain facilities differ by each campsite on the Costa Tropical but expect to find at least 1 swimming pool and a restaurant / bar area. Comparatively, as you’ll find some of the Costa Tropical Campsites located on or by the beach, expect to find additional facilities involving water sports or equipment hire for water sports.

Distance to the nearest Costa Tropical town or resort

This should be the most important factor when searching for a Residential style Mobile Home Park on the Costa Tropical. Although this is quite a small region, you’ll have an area in mind where you want to be so focus your search primarily in that location. And, once you’ve found a residential style mobile home park, calculate the distance to your favourite Costa Tropical resort or town using Googlemaps or similar map tool.

Dog friendly residential mobile home parks

Most of the Costa Tropical Residential style campsites (Mobile Home Parks) are dog and pet friendly but please confirm this directly.

Reviews of the Costa Tropical Residential Mobile Home Parks

There’s no better way to form an opinion of a residential style campsite or mobile home park on the Costa Tropical than to listen to others who have been there or live on site full time. With this in mind we’ve included a review section on all of the campsites and residential style mobile home parks on the Costa Tropical and you can check them out here.

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