5 of the best Residential Mobile Home Parks on the Costa Blanca in Spain. Find your perfect Campsite in the province of Alicante in the Valencia region…

Residential Mobile Home Parks on the Costa Blanca

Find (5) Residential Mobile Home Parks on the Costa Blanca, Spain – In the areas of AlbateraAlbir, Alicante, Albanilla, El Campello & Pinoso

An image of the pool during a party at El Paraiso Campsite & Residential Mobile Home Park in Spain Albatera, Costa Blanca, Spain

El Paraiso Park 💛

Costa Blanca – Albatera, Alicante, Valencia

El Paraiso Park is a residential park home site in Albatera on the Costa Blanca. This beautiful park…

Residential | Open all year

An image of the mobile homes on the park at Albatera Campsite & Mobile Home Park in Spain Albatera, Costa Blanca, Spain

Albatera Mobile Home Park

Costa Blanca – Albatera, Alicante, Valencia

Albatera mobile home park is a British family owned retirement park with its own…

Residential | Open all year

An image of the mobile homes at Albir Oasis residential mobile home park and campsite In Albir, Costa Blanca, Spain

Albir Oasis Park

Costa Blanca – Albir, Alicante, Valencia

Albir Oasis Park was established in 1980 & is situated in the coastal resort of Albir. It is one of the original…

Residential | Open all year

An image of the gated entrance at Colmar Residential Mobile Home Park & Campsite in Spain - El Campello, Costa Blanca

Camping Colmar Spain 💛

Costa Blanca – El Campello, Alicante, Valencia

Camping Colmar Spain is a residential gated complex in El Campello that really is a ‘hidden gem’. What’s more…

Residential | Open all year

An image of the swimming pool with mountain backdrop at Maciscava Rustica Residentila Mobile Home Park in Spain - Pinoso, Abanilla, Murcia, Costa Blanca

Maciscava Rustica Park 💛

Costa Blanca – Abanilla, Pinoso, Murcia, Valencia

Maciscava Rustica Park is a British owned residential mobile home park near Los Gabrieles in the Murcia…

Residential | Open all year

Helping you find your perfect Residential Mobile Home Park on the Costa Blanca in Spain

Finding the perfect Residential Mobile Home Park on the Costa Blanca, Spain has never been easier! We’ve hand picked the most popular Residential Mobile Home Parks on the Costa Blanca in the areas of Albir, Albatera, Alicante, El Campello & Pinoso to help you with your search. Still not sure? Let us help your narrow down your search to help you find what you’re looking for…

Costa Blanca Residential Mobile Home Park locations

This region has some of the most popular residential mobile home parks available so your sure to find the one that suits you. Furthermore, many British ex-pats choose the Costa Blanca as the place to find a caravan or mobile home to live in and retire to Spain on a full time basis. For this reason, you’ll see a good selection of residential parks but also ‘residential style’ campsites on the Costa Blanca that cater primarily for British ex-pats.


A typically Spanish town situated inland, Albatera has become a popular area for many British ex-pats to relocate and retire as the town as 2 popular residential mobile home parks. The town itself is very much like you’d expect to see in many of the other small towns and villages throughout Spain with amenities such as a chemist, medical centre, supermarket, sports centre and a small selection of bars and restaurants. That said, each of these residential parks are similar to a small village themselves so expect to find a good level of facilities on site and a large community of retired of British ex-pats. By contrast to to the town of Albatera you have the large resorts close by so you can take your pick depending on what the day brings.

Albatera (Costa Blanca) Residential Mobile Home Parks: Albatera Mobile Home ParkEl Paraiso Park (Paradise Park)


Situated only 10 minutes from Benidorm, Albir is often overlooked in favour of it’s lively neighbour. Despite this, this is a resort which is gaining more and more popularity year on year due to vast amounts of development, a varied gastronomic scene and not forgetting its long promenade (with turquoise blue waters) which runs all the way to Altea. Furthermore, this is a popular retirement location for all nationalities due to its year round season, local transport and location on the Costa Blanca.

Albir (Costa Blanca) Residential Mobile Home parks: Albir Oasis Park

El Campello

Sometimes known as just ‘Campello’ this is a resort nestled in between Villajoyosa and Alicante. One of the main tourism areas to the south of Benidorm you’ll find a lovely beach area with long promenade for evening walks, plenty of restaurants and bars and great transport links to surrounding resorts.

Quieter by nature but an all year round season means that El Campello presents a nice balance for those who want to be in a resort but not overwhelmed during the Summer season. Furthermore, El Campello is home to the popular Colmar Spain Residential Mobile Home Park which sits perched on the hillside with stunning sea views.

El Campello (Costa Blanca) Residential Mobile Home Parks: Colmar Spain


Named after the pine trees that cover the surrounding mountain ranges Pinoso (El Pinosos) is approximately 45 minutes inland from Alicante and close to the Murcia, Alicante border on the Costa Blanca south. Pinoso has many bars, restaurants, shops, 24 hour medical centre, dentists and a theatre. Furthermore, there’s a well equipped Sports Centre with outdoor swimming pools, tennis courts, football pitches, gymnasium, library and many other facilities including a beautiful picnic area among the pine tress, complete with barbecues, seating areas and running water.

Pinoso, Albanilla (Costa Blanca) Residential Mobile Home Parks: Maciscava Rustica Park

Which area of the Costa Blanca has the best Residential Mobile Home Parks?

Our favourite area for the best Residential Mobile Home Parks is Albatera. Why, we hear you ask? Because Albatera is a town filled with charm and relaxation and has a large community of like-minded retired ex-pats. This is also a place where you can integrate into the Spanish community and live like a local. Furthermore, you have 2 Residential Parks to choose from in this area – El Paraiso Park & Albatera Mobile Home Park which are filled with retired Brits living in Spain.

What to look for when searching Costa Blanca Residential Mobile Home Parks:

Annual site fee costs

Site fees on the Costa Blanca range from 3,000€ to 5,000€ annually. Residential Mobile Home Parks generally require an annual payment in advance but site fees are lower as standard. This includes use of a whole list of on-site facilities that would be otherwise chargeable on a holiday or residential style campsite.

Annual running costs

Consider the following as annual running costs on a Residential Mobile Home Park on the Costa Blanca: Site fees, gas (bottle), electricity (metered) & Caravan insurance. Water is generally charged by meter on and some Residential Parks may also charge for refuse and a communal TV connection so check this with the park owners.


Facilities differ by each residential mobile home park on the Costa Blanca but you’ll find that most have at least 1 swimming pool and a restaurant / bar area. On some of the larger parks you should also find more ‘social facilities’ so expect to find green bowls, fitness areas and maybe even tennis courts.

Distance to the nearest town or resort

This should be the most important factor when searching for your Residential Mobile Home Park on the Costa Blanca as the parks are on the outskirts of towns or villages. You’ll have an area in mind where you want to be so focus your search primarily in that location. Once you’ve found your ideal residential park, calculate the distance to your favourite resort or town using Googlemaps or similar map tool.

Dog friendly Costa Blanca residential mobile home parks

Most of the Costa Blanca Residential Mobile Home Parks are dog and pet friendly but please confirm this directly.

Reviews of the Residential Mobile Home Parks on the Costa Blanca

There’s no better way to form an opinion of a residential mobile home park on the Costa Blanca than to listen to the residents that live on site full time. With this in mind we’ve included a review section on all of the residential mobile home parks on the Costa Blanca and you can check them out here.

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